We are just getting started! We strive to offer new clothing and new designs as fast as possible. Of course our clothing is being testet, to ensure our high quality. 

Nothing special, right? So what separates us from other brands? Improve is a culture. Improve Sportswear is for people like us. We push ourselves. We start to count where others quit. We know: you always have to IMPROVE, to be the best you can.

This lifestyle is what true athletes are about. And it's addicting to others. That's why it won't take long until you will see Improve Sportswear everywhere.

Sponsored Athletes

Oluwaseun Hassan Salami

Born August 22, 1996 in Nigeria, Oluwaseun is our first sponsored Athlete.

Living in Austria he has achieved the title "Austrian Heavyweight Champion 2019" after just a few years of Boxing.

For sure a great career to come!

Instagram: @seunslm